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Tyler Knows Everything Podcast

Mar 27, 2020

Texas Coffee Company began in Beaumont, Texas in 1921 when Charles J. Fertitta, Sr. recognized the demand for a good quality coffee with a distinctive aroma and flavor. Mr. Fertitta began with an investment of $1800 and a Ford Model-T truck, a few pounds of coffee and a one room “shotgun” style shack in back of the Crescent Market on Magnolia Street in downtown Beaumont. In 1926, Mr. Fertitta recapitalized the company by forming a partnership with R. C. Maceo and Joseph S. Serio. They moved Texas Coffee Company to a larger, more modernized facility that was better equipped to handle the growing customer base. Texas Coffee Company is the manufacturer and distributor of Seaport coffee and Texas Coffee. Each brand is distinctly different and appeals to different types of coffee drinkers. Seaport’s parent company, Texas Coffee Company, also manufactures a line of spices under the TexJoy label. Like the coffee, people throughout the United States and the world request the spices, which are shipped wholesale to a very loyal clientele.